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Jul 11

Jul 6

This is old but still interesting. Traditional reward and punishment doesn’t improve behavior for cognitive tasks.

In other words, no wonder I’m so smart, it’s because I’m poor. 

Jun 19

Apr 9
“Remember that the same Christ who tells us to say, "Give us this day our daily bread," had first given us this petition, "Hallowed be thy name; Thy kingdom come; Thy will be done in earth as it is in heaven." Let not your prayers be all concerning your own sins, your own wants, your own imperfections, your own trials, but let them climb the starry ladder, and get up to Christ himself, and then, as you draw nigh to the blood-sprinkled mercy-seat, offer this prayer continually, "Lord, extend the kingdom of thy dear Son." Such a petition, fervently presented, will elevate the spirit of all your devotions. Mind that you prove the sincerity of your prayer by laboring to promote the Lord’s glory.” Charles Spurgeon (via community4christ)

(via community4christ)

Mar 4

It wouldn’t be fair if I was attractive, intelligent, hilarious, and had no psychiatric problems.

Feb 12


i’d like to take a moment to thank all the disabled people who make it through to the next day, no matter how difficult that may be.

  • mobility impaired individuals who must navigate a world that they are physically cut out of and barred from entering.
  • chronically ill and pain ridden individuals who live with an agony that many of us will never even begin to understand.
  • mentally ill individuals who live without diagnosis or even the bare minimum for adequate medical care and treatment.
  • visually and hearing impaired individuals who are told to assimilate into a world that, around each and every corner, excludes their existence and enjoyment.
  • autistic individuals who are spoken over regularly, deemed non-human, and openly infantilized.
  • intellectually/developmentally disabled people whose personal agency is removed, who have had horrific slurs not only aimed at them, but are forced to listen to them every day.
  • individuals with cerebral palsy who are made of fun of, sneered at, imitated, and looked on with scorn.
  • individuals with MS who are told their bodies are a prison that will be confined to mobility aids.
  • individuals with amputated limbs that are laughed at, considered abnormal, or unwhole. 
  • individuals with brain injuries who are treated as children, and are told, mournfully, “they were never the same since”.
  • little individuals who are seen as comical sideshows, and must live in a world where your size is not seen as the ‘default’, and therefore, not ‘normal’.
  • individuals who remain undiagnosed, or misdiagnosed, and live in pain, self-loathing, sickness, and unhappiness.

a moment for all of you who are told, daily, that you are a burden on society, and - most damning - on your loved ones; loved ones who are congratulated for living with the same things you are deemed subhuman and demonized for, without so much as a care.

a moment for all of you who are told, daily, that you’re bodies are unattractive bodies that you should openly treat with derision.

a moment for all of you who are, daily, made fun of, spoken down to, desexualized, and regarded with contempt; whose existence, if acknowledged, is viewed as pathetic or nightmarish.

a moment for all of you who, daily, have your disabilities used against you in the most reprehensible of ways. who navigate a world unsafe to you, because you have no other choice.

you all make this world a better place, and yours is an existence of beauty and wisdom. you are remarkable creatures who, in the face of a hostile, exclusive, and oppressive world, continue to make it through.

and i’m proud of you.

**apologies if i left anyone out of this, i tried to use broad designations for just that purpose [for ex. ‘chronic illness’ can encompass many disabilities]. it was not my intention to leave anyone out, so let me know, and i’ll be happy to add you in. xo.

Feb 9


You know, I really hate those “here’s how to be happy!” posts that include things like “Don’t let negativity overtake you! Always be positive!” 

Because sometimes, that’s really not fucking possible. Especially when you’re TRYING to derail the negative with positive things and it’s like trying to stop a runaway train going downhill..

I agree. Sometimes you just have to let it hurt:


Another thing I see is ‘one day this pain will make sense to you’ and ‘whatever doesn’t kill me makes me stronger.’ I don’t necessarily agree with that either. 

And lastly I see ‘it always gets better’ well I don’t know about that for certain either. But I believe there is almost always something to be hopeful for. At least at this moment in time. We have come very far. If we can hold it together, the earth won’t dry out of water for another few million years (or was it billion?). Anyway we have a long time to maybe somehow save the universe or travel to a parallel one. heh. Or maybe before that we will realize the universe ending will be a good thing…something the Buddhists sort of preach…We all started as one and we will end as one. 

Feb 3


In case you haven’t heard this lately; I’m proud of you. You’re doing so well, keep going.

Jan 29

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