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Dec 9


Like this if you post -

- Dreadlocks

- Hippie

- Pagan

- Buddhism 

- Tattoos 

- Longboarding

- Rasta

- naked girls ~~ 

like this, 

most of these things are what i dislike about “hippie” culture, lol

dreadlocks/tattoos/nudity=caring about your looks and not being a free person or not being not shallow

buddhism/rasta=religions/a set of beliefs with a blanket term=gross

interests such as nudity and hair are fine…. but it seems like when you want to be a hippie or follow hippie blogs you would put more effort into something that seems more “deep” than just nonchalantly following movements that are supposed to be about peace and love when you want to follow them for the hair and nudity….i hope this makes sense.

btw, i’m just picking on this one example because it was available under the tag “hippie”…i don’t have anything against the original poster 


Every time I think I’ve met a normal person, I find out they’re extremely into some kind of new-age nonsense. Did you know that Mercury is in retrograde right now? Me too, and I really, really shouldn’t know that.

VICE: reasons why los angeles is the worst place ever (via weformlikevoltron)

i’ve been meaning to rant about this… i like recycling and not being materialistic so some times i am a “hippie”…. but there are also a lot of dumb things about the hippie culture/”hippie people”. i guess it’s just like any other little culture. got its positives and negatives. 

(via weformlikevoltron)

Oct 27

people who use the gas when a red light is ahead of them…

seriously. what’s the point of speeding up to a red light? i guess people are just so used to having road rage or something that they think it will make a difference. ugh! 

Jun 15

before anyone becomes parents they should expect that they will have to put in a ton of work and even then their kid might be hitler

first let me say that i appreciate a ton of things my parents did for me. most of the time they were doing a great job.

but i guess lately i’m just looking back and realizing that they were huge assholes too. and even still they act so rude towards me sometimes… and now i’m finally getting tired of it and i won’t put up with it anymore. first of all, it’s so annoying how so many parents want to be martyrs for raising a kid. no one is a hero for birthing a child and raising it. in fact you have a choice whether you want to or not. you can always send your kid away to a foster home. parenting is a ton of work but that should be expected by now.

secondly, my parents said to me way too often, that they were right because they are the adults and i was wrong because i was the child. no one should be saying that unless your kid is extremely hard to manage. i was not a hard to manage kid. all i was asking for was some logical reasoning behind their actions. of course they usually never had any. parents should not say shit like that ever again when their kid reaches high school. —do you think a teen should accept that sort of reasoning? do you even want a teen to learn that kind of logic, that someone is right simply because they are the authority figure? guh.—

thirdly, my parents can simply be assholes just because that is who they are sometimes. and they never apologize to me. i used to apologize to them but recently i gave it up. i will apologize to children when i mess up and other people but not to my parents until they act like they care. and what’s worse- when i still, to this day, confront my mom about conflicts we have and whether she will apologize to me she just says something along the lines of how she’s not living her life with regrets. ughhhhhhhhh.

like i said once on this blog, all i want is for world peace/happiness. i don’t want for myself to have a million dollars or some stupid fast car. i don’t even want to live that long. but people have to work with me to help. so when i try to ask my parents or other people to give to the poor or not waste energy or not be rude to strangers it becomes an argument. ??? what gives? ffs.

May 21

why i can’t stand anderson cooper and other stupid shows and magazines etc:

they are like “oh a celebrity holds my opinion? it must be a good one then!”


Apr 17

arguing with rich people that they don’t deserve millions of dollars no matter what they do for work….arguing with poor people that funding college is actually hurting the economy and a house is not a need-poor people would be better off with government healthcare and not government housing

just my day on the internet machine

Mar 23

o gawd.

sick of people who say if you are white you are privileged. generally you probably are but what about if you are white and are homeless and mentally unstable or white with cancer? i hate it when people say that because it is ignorant and well, racist against whites. *i’m equally sick of hate on the mexicans etc.* 

Dec 28
i never care about what i look like. why does anyone care. fuck society sometimes. fuck them hard in the ass. grow up and do something better with your time than put on make up or a suit. ….actually once in awhile it’s fun to dress up but everyday…no. 

i never care about what i look like. why does anyone care. fuck society sometimes. fuck them hard in the ass. grow up and do something better with your time than put on make up or a suit. ….actually once in awhile it’s fun to dress up but everyday…no.